In addition, a YouTube Short can be a great way to convert viewers into subscribers to your YouTube channel. 

It creates alignment between your short-form and long-form video content and creates a funnel that users can flow through to become customers of your brand.

Best Practices for How to Make a YouTube Short

Now that you understand what a YouTube Short is, let’s get into some of the best practices to keep in mind while learning how to make a YouTube Short. 

Because YouTube Shorts are short-form, vertical videos, they have some different approaches than a traditional YouTube video on your channel will have.

Grab the Audience’s Attention

Even though YouTube Shorts are short-form video content, you still need to capture the attention of your audience within the first few seconds. 

If you wait too long to add in excitement outbound calling laws or interest to grab the attention of your viewers, your audience might have already scrolled away from the video.

Aim for Replays

YouTube shorts are played on a loop, so unless the viewer scrolls away they will keep seeing replays of your video. 

That means you should aim for replays, which rack up more views for your video. Different ending cuts and edits can help viewers want to stay on for a second or third viewing of the video.

Have a Goal in Mind

Remember, YouTube Shorts play into your larger video and digital marketing goals. 

While knowing how to make a YouTube Short is important, you also want to keep it contextualized in your big-picture strategies. 

What are the goals of your video? Do you 

want to get more subscribers to your Mailing Lead channel, have viewers click a link, or raise brand awareness?

How to Make a YouTube Short

Knowing how to make a YouTube Short is incredibly important for brands who want to stay on top of trends and gain more viewers on their brand YouTube channels. 

By understanding the steps of how to make a YouTube Short, you can easily put together videos and add a YouTube Short plan to your overall video marketing strategies.

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