What is the difference between Inbound Marketing

What inbound marketing seeks is to attract your potential customers , on the other hand, outbound (or traditional) marketing is more focused on seeking to attract attention. The inbound mindset should not strive to “chase” anyone , but instead seeks to offer content designed to answer the questions or needs of the ideal customer. Thus, qualified prospects come by their own decision and a process of trust and credibility towards your company is generated. Why the change? Society has evolved over the decades and no one lives, works or consumes as was the case years ago.

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E selling and marketing in the same way, without wanting to understand what their consumer is really like today. The digital environment and new ways of communicating have Chinese Europe Phone Number List revolutionized how people interact. Such a radical change, that no one at the end of the 20th century imagined that this would end up happening. Conversation spaces now take place largely through the internet, using mobile devices and social networks. It can be predicted that traditional marketing, also called outbound marketing , as we understand it, is on the verge of extinction. It is not that it will disappear, but that it will have to be reconverted and keep more in mind what the consumer needs. Now we have so much information that it is much easier to segment and reach those who really need us with our outbound campaigns.

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The reality is that people have learned

To ignore phone calls, television ads that split their shows or series in two, or to block digital ads with adblockers. Not to mention that there is a great migration towards the use of on-demand television Mailing Lead and paid content platforms (Netflix, HBO, etc.). Given this panorama, looking for new marketing strategies that adapt to this reality is the right path, such as Inbound Marketing. Thus, we can differentiate two ways of doing things: inbound techniques , focused on attracting and helping to resolve consumer doubts through quality content, and outbound techniques , which continue to seek to impact a segment of the population that may not have requested that startup information. We must bet on being more inbound as a brand and when developing a value content strategy, outbound campaigns can be a good reinforcement .

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