What are the stages of the Inbound methodology

The advent of the internet was a real Revolution in the world of marketing. The first search engine was launched for users in 1995, in 1997 seo was born. And in 2000 ppc advertising began. Then came the birth of the main social networks: linkedin in 2002. By 2010, smartphones were already drastically changing internet use and communication and consumption habits. Companies had to adapt to them so as not to be left behind.

The consumer began

To be able to express what he wanted and needed, when before he was a mere passive Spectator of the Business Owner Phone Numbers List publicity he received. The communication between client and brand became bidirectional, giving power to the user and making it the center of all current marketing strategies. Consumers demanded personalization. So marketers began creating tailored user experiences for each customer at every step of their buying journey.

Special Database

In 2004 brian halligan dharmesh shah

And david meerman began developing the modern inbound marketing methodology. After founding hubspot. The brand that has contributed the most to popularize this methodology. They officially Mailing Lead named it in 2005. Today, hubspot is an essential platform for online inbound marketing, offering tips, tools, certifications, tutorials, and much more. Inbound marketing is based on accompanying users through the different phases of the conversion funnel , seeking to attract them in a “Natural” way towards our brand. The conversion funnel is a graphical representation of the different stages of the buyer journey or “Consumer journey” .

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