The inbound philosophy is defined in a few words: it seeks the most human side of marketing, since it does not seek to develop intrusive actions. But to generate value to help with people’s needs and problems. We call our customers or potential customers in many ways: users, consumers, buyers, visitors, viewers, leads, etc. But, above all, they are people with their own lives and concerns and all of this should be the only thing to consider in any marketing strategy.

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On inbound and less on marketing to improve the results of our company or brand. You sign up? Resources to Coinbase Virtual Currency Database continue learning: ebooks, videos and courses for you to learn more about inbound marketing we recommend all these free contents. Ebooks inbound marketing: the definitive guide (book on amazon) how to integrate inbound with your pr strategy 10 questions for your sales team that will help you generate inbound content template to create your buyer persona template to create your marketing plan the 20+1 keys to good seo positioning in search engines 50 marketing strategies to launch your product landing page manual courses inbound marketing of the future.

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And conversion strategy landing pages and lead conversion how to improve your email marketing Mailing Lead strategy  sales. How to improve your sales results with an  mentality marketing automation: the benefits for the  marketing automation: how to automate your digital marketing actions video marketing for  strategies . per and press releases  marketing and the benefits of hubspot hubspot solutions for ecommerce hubspot solutions for the software and saas industry youtube playlist with all the videos about  marketing from cyberclick new call-to-action.

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