Reliable. Versatile, profitable, easy to measure. Therefore, it is an essential ingredient in marketing strategies for brands of all types, sizes and colors. But as we all know, the fact that something is done a lot does not mean that it is done well. Sometimes our bases slip and email marketing ends up becoming a spam channel, which not only does not achieve the desired results but also ends up becoming a nuisance for users. So that this does not happen to you,

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Guide on this tool: what is emailing , what can it contribute to your brand, what is its role in each phase of the Betting Email List user’s journey. How to propose your strategy and the keys to success with your emails. Let’s go there! Do you want to improve your email marketing campaigns ? Click here and get the 1-hour course for free to optimize your emailings and results. In this video you will discover what email marketing is, as well as examples of successful campaigns . Definition: what is email marketing? Email marketing is a communication tool with the user that allows us to send messages to your email, adapting the content to different recipients to achieve a variety of marketing objectives.

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And adapt to a multitude of situations. These are just some examples: Capture emails, to attract new customers to our brand (in a similar way to the “cold door” strategies). Newsletters or informative Mailing Lead bulletins to maintain the user’s contact with the brand and communicate news (changes in policies, product launches…). Administrative emails, for example, to send the user downloadable content or thank them for subscribing. Loyalty emails. In which we seek to generate repeat purchases. Differences between recruitment email marketing and loyalty email marketing It is important to understand the different facets of email marketing and how they can be used to achieve different business objectives. There are two fundamental approaches in email marketing: recruitment and loyalty .

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