Benefits of email marketing for brands

In addition.  The larger the database to which we send, the lower the cost per user. This low cost, together with its effectiveness, explains why email is a tool with fantastic roi. According to hubspot, this can be as high as 4,300%, that is, we would get 43 euros for each one we have invested. 2) it is a very effective channel to communicate with our audience every good relationship is based on communication, and in this aspect, email triumphs. Consider that almost all regular internet users have at least one email account .

 Also access it several times

A day and from any device. In short. Email accompanies the user wherever they are. 3) it is customizable email campaigns are organized from user databases; in many cases, these are based on the Crypto Email List information that he himself has left us. For this reason, we have several pieces of information beforehand that can help us to know what a specific user is looking for. If we integrate email with the rest of digital marketing, we will soon have a good amount of data about each individual user.

Job Function Email Database

From this base we can segment our campaigns

From this base. We can segment our campaigns to send you exactly what you need at the right time. 4) it is automatable Mailing Lead marketing automation allows you to reduce effort, cost and human errors and create highly optimized campaigns. While you’ll always need to step in to decide on strategy and creatives, it’s possible to largely automate targeting and campaign delivery. 5) it is measurable in the world of digital marketing , sometimes we get lost in an ocean of metrics and can’t see the forest for the trees. It is only necessary to be clear about a handful of key concepts.

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