The role of email marketing

The conversion funnel is a very useful tool to visualize the different stages that a customer goes through, from when they first detect a need related to our brand until they become a loyal customer. In each of them, we will use email in different ways to achieve our goals. Tofu phase or “Top of the funnel” this is the first contact , when the user has just detected a need and looks for a way to respond to it. To attract the user in this phase, we must offer them content that responds to their need in a general way, for example, ebooks or guides on the subject of their interest.

The most common is to attract their

Attention by offering them free content in exchange for leaving us their email in a contact form. In this way, we will be able to incorporate him into the database and begin to communicate with him Forex Email List on a regular basis. Mofu phase or “Middle of the funnel” here the user is already evaluating different options to respond to the need he has detected, so we can start talking more directly about our brand . We have to clearly explain what our proposal is and how it differentiates us from the competition.

Job Function Email Database

It is also a good time to design specific landing

Pages for our email campaigns. Bofu phase or “Bottom of the funnel” in the bofu phase, the user has evaluated all the options and is still interested in ours, so it is time to close the deal. It only lacks the Mailing Lead last impulse to finish the conversion. Therefore, this is the time to opt for more promotional emails , such as offers and discounts, free trials or personalized services. In order to maximize effectiveness, we will adapt these proposals to the data that we have previously collected about the user, for example, the product pages that they have visited. But be careful: the role of email marketing does not end after the conversion , since we can continue using this channel to maintain contact.

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