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A specific number or percentage of a specific group of the population, the scope of processd personal data, the period for which the data is processd, geographical scope of personal data processing. The WP29 even gave examples of processing that could be classifid as “large scale” processing: processing of patient data by the hospital as part of its business (excluding the processing of patient data by a single doctor), processing travel data of people using public transport. tracking via city cards.

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Real-time processing of customer geolocation data by. A specializd entity for an international fast food chain for statistical. Purposes, processing whatsapp mobile number list of customer data by banks or insurers as part of their business, data processing for the purposes of behavioral advertising by search engines, processing of data (content, traffic, location) by telephone or internet service providers. “The core activities of the controller or processor consist of large-scale processing of special categories of personal data and personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences.

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They can easily be influencd by influencers imposing. Standards of behavior and fashion. They are exposd to fear of being reject d by Mailing Lead the group or. Fear of missing out on an event or trend. So they are under pressure to constantly. Participate in the group and follow events. Understand the basic rules and risks of the digital world. And can prdict basic consequences, but still nd adult help and support.

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