What is a landing page and how to create it

What is a landing page and how to create it. A fundamental aspect in any marketing strategy is to define which landing pages are necessary to achieve the conversions or objectives that we have set. We will have previously defined the objectives and actions. Therefore, we are going to attract qualified traffic and that we are going to drive to our landing page to convert those visits into leads, sales or customers. Keep in mind that the key to the success of a landing page are many criteria but there are aspects that are very important such as Copywriting.

What is a landing page

A landing page is a page designed and designed for conversion. This conversion, depending on the type and objective of the landing page, can be made to leads. But it can also occur for a direct sale of a product or service. So that the conversion is made to sales or customers. Analyzing the definition of what a landing page email leads is, you realize. Therefore, that giving only one goal of conversion into leads does not cover all. The objectives that these landing pages can perform, since there are many more.

How to create a landing page

Now that you know what a landing page is, let’s see how to create a landing page . To do this, the first step would be to define the basic structure that any landing page should have; Sales Proposal. It is made up of the title, arguments and reasons for the sale. Therefore, Image or video. Personally I prefer video, it really works Mailing Lead much better at the conversion level, and the more natural it is, the better. Benefits or features. We will describe the benefits or features of the product or service we are offering. Social proof or comments. Includes comments from satisfied customers. It also includes an image of it so that the message generates greater empathy.

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