SEO On Page, what it is, tips and 100% Practical Guide

SEO On Page, what it is, tips and 100% Practical Guide. On Page SEO , also known as on-site SEO, is one of the 4 pillars of web positioning, and a fundamental aspect if you want to position any project on the Internet. In this 100% Practical Guide I am going to show you how you can improve the on-page SEO of your website, in a clear and simple way, and without any theoretical nonsense. You will see factor by factor and tips on how to improve or optimize it, as well as my favorite tools and tricks that you can now apply to your web project.

What is On Page SEO

To define in a simple way what On-page SEO is, I will tell you that it is the set of internal optimization techniques for your website with the aim of making your web project more search engine friendly and thereby improve our visibility, traffic and positioning. Web. There is some confusion about what is on-page seo and what is not, so look at some aspects that are: Indexing analysis. Status codes, indexable pages, pagination, robots.txt, metarobots top people data canonical, redirects, etc. Analyzing the content. Duplicate content, title and description, keywords, headings, images, structured data, css, javascript, etc.

Differences between Off page and On Page SEO

Differences between Off page and On Page SEO. There are people who still do not understand the differences between Off page SEO and On page SEO, but I will try to clarify it in a very simple way. On Page SEO are those optimizations that we carry out within our website, hence the name On Site. Off page SEO are those techniques Mailing Lead that seek external optimizations and outside our website, such as getting our website talked about and linked to on relevant sites on the same topic.

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