Let’s Get It Done How peaceful our lives

Listening to this verse, Abu Bakr continued to forgive this man and give him help.

However, let me remind you of the story of Abu Bakar RA, a friend of the Prophet SAW who was closest to him, whose daughter Aishah RA was slandered for adultery by the same person he used to feed and clothe.

After that incident Abu Bakr swore not to give help to this man but Allah revealed this verse:

On the day their tongues and their hands and their feet will be witnesses against themselves, about everything they did”

— Surah An-Nur verse 22

— Musnad of Imam Ahmad

Imagine if we could forgive everyone who cursed us, lied to us scolded

Conversation, or cut the queue on the road, or who hurt us, really.

There are similar stories in the history Phone Number List of Islam, including today where some forgive those who wronged them, even those who killed their family members.

It requires a big heart, but try to build our heart through time (not only to help us sleep but also for our afterlife)

2. Resolving Any Conflicts and Emotional Issues
When we go through a difficult situation (argument with spouse or children, boss), try to solve the issue within 24 hours and don’t let it drag on for days.

It will only make the situation worse for us (and affect our sleep).

Whether we are at fault or the victim, be the first to resolve the issue.

As the Prophet Muhammad SAW said The best of two people is the one who initiates the salam

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3. Don’t sleep when angry
If we are emotional, maybe we just want to Mailing Lead rest our mind by sleeping.

But we should finish it before bed, either by talking about it or at least, writing it down.

A study from UMass Amherst brain experts concluded that if we have a negative emotional response to the situation at hand, that response will be much less if we stay awake than if we continue to sleep.

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