At the end of the day, mastering SEO isn’t something you do just once. 

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Staying ahead of the curve and beating your competition does mean monitoring key SEO KPIs to keep track of your progress. 

But it also means staying knowledgeable about current SEO trends on an ongoing basis, so you know where to take your strategy next.

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Dollar Shave Club

Taking advantage of positive feedback from customers is key for a brand to stand out in the e-commerce world. With this in mind, Dollar Shave Club created a Pinterest board completely dedicated to its customers’ valuable comments about them and unboxing photos.

This action mixes user-generated content cell phone number list and social proof to gain credibility and trust with not only their base but with every Pinterest user that wants to know more about the brand.

This example eloquently shows how different steps of the customer lifecycle can nurture each other to benefit the brand as a whole.

Dollar Shave Club leverages loyal shoppers in the retention phase to make the case for their service in order to attract new buyers. It’s the perfect combination!


The QR code provided


The cherry on the cake was the speedy delivery system, led by a company called Darkstore. Most buyers received their brand new shoes at home on the same day.

This on-point, engaging experience represents the best of both worlds for social commerce. It benefits from the emotional peak felt by shoppers because of the event environment while providing a straightforward buying method that knocks down objections.

With all these examples, it’s possible to see Mailing Lead that social media can provide a great and unique shopping experience for users in general. Brands can mix their products or services with specific social tools to engage with their audience, work to create a solid promoter base and convert even more customers, instead of just serving as a mere display for customers.

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