What is Keyword Cannibalization

Some SEO KPIs aren’t just useful in and of themselves. They also provide excellent data to work from as you brainstorm other aspects of your ongoing SEO campaign. 

Search visibility is one of those metrics, as it can prove you’re making progress even before you’ve reached the stage where you’re also driving lots of high-value traffic to your site.

Search visibility refers to how often your website appears in search results for various keywords it ranks for. 

Each time this happens, whether the appearance results in a click or not, an impression is recorded. Impressions are easily tracked via Google Search Console, so keep your eye on yours.

Your organic traffic refers to the number of visitors that land on your website via a natural search, as opposed to a PPC ad or other paid tactic. 

Determine Your Targeted Audience

If building brand awareness is part of your company’s current marketing campaign, then branded traffic should definitely make your running list of important SEO KPIs. 

Branded traffic is traffic that comes to your site via searches for terms containing your company’s name. 

Users who find you this way are highly b2b phone lists likely to convert, as they already know they want your products as opposed to someone else’s.

Again, you can check and monitor your branded traffic via a tool like Google Search Console. 

Just load any keywords connected to your company or brand name into the filter, and get an in-depth look at how your associated impressions and clicks have evolved over various periods. 

Don’t forget to analyze common keyword misspellings, as well. After all, nobody’s perfect, especially when they’re in a hurry.

Your bounce rate speaks to the number of visitors who land on one of your web pages but promptly leave again without further interacting with your site. 

Conversion Rate

When you’re running a business and looking to turn a profit, success is about more than driving traffic to your site and making sure your content answers all of your visitors’ questions. 

You also need to focus on whether those high CTRs and all that content you work so hard on are actually giving you a return on your investment.

That said, anyone who runs an eCommerce Mailing Lead site should add conversion rate to their list of essential SEO KPIs to keep track of. 

Use Google Analytics conversion tracking tags to collect and organize data on where your conversions are really coming from. 

Which web pages are doing the best job of generating actual leads instead of just attracting visits? What does your data tell you about how to better focus your efforts in the future?


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