Mistakes When Collecting Feedback

Be sure to include all the necessary details for each recipient — their name, email addresses, the reason for the outreach, and any URLs you want to discuss. 

Adding an additional column to keep track of the status of each outreach attempt is a good idea, as well.

3. Give some thought to your subject line

Remember, the folks on your email outreach list are busy, and you only have seconds to get their attention and convince them to give you their valuable time. 

Your subject line will quite literally be the first thing they see, so be sure to give that plenty of thought. 

It could mean the difference

Great subject lines are short and get straight to the point of the reason for the email. 

They’re also reasonably casual, breezy, and friendly. Avoid any wording that comes across as pushy or salesy, as that can make a recipient feel pressured before they’ve even opened the email.

4. Personalize your emails

When you’re cold-emailing someone who doesn’t know you, you only have a few seconds to convince them that the rest of your email is worth their precious time. 

Making that email as personal as possible is a great way to do this.

A personalized email shows

Phone Number List

Using the person’s name is a good start, but don’t stop there. If you have connections or other details in common, mention them. 

Genuine praise for the person’s work, including specific things you enjoy about it, also helps.

5. Be authentic

People can spot a liar a million miles away, even if they’ve never spoken to the person before, so resist the urge to fake a connection that isn’t really there. 

Complimenting or congratulating your recipient on something specific is a great way to break the ice, but only if you genuinely mean what you’re saying.

And definitely don’t lie about mutual interests or goals. 

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