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Telemedicine that is gaining more and more space amid the pandemic. Through it, children of different ages receive medical care from a distance , not having to expose themselves to hospitals and clinics. But before talking more in depth about pediatric telemedicine, do you know what telemedicine is? It is a care format in which doctors and patients do not need to be physically close. The whole part of diagnosis, clinical analysis and indication of treatment is carried out online and remotely. In addition to allowing an accurate diagnosis for people who live in places without specialized clinics, it is a completely safe practice.

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In an electronic medical record and the doctor is responsible for maintaining its confidentiality. And those who believe that it is restricted to the diagnosis of coronavirus are mistaken. In fact, telemedicine is used for any type of clinical El Salvador Mobile Number List analysis, be it cardiological or neurological, for example. However, in the case of a pandemic, it appears as an alternative to avoid displacement and contact , reducing the possibility of contamination by the virus. Now that you understand the topic a little better, it’s time to talk about pediatric telemedicine. In this content, I will show the types of service that can be performeand the main benefits of this modality.

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I will show you what it says about the practice – so that you can be more confident when looking for a remote diagnosis. Good reading! What is pediatric telemedicine and what is it use for? Pediatric telemedicine is a good alternative for Mailing Lead questions about nutrition, hygiene, vaccines and medications What is pediatric telemedicine? It is the telemedicine service with the aim of assisting babies and children. It is usually use for general guidelines, such as food, hygiene or vaccines. And also to clarify simple and specific doubts. Including dosage of medications and spots that have appeared on the skin.

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