How online positioning strategies change with the messy middle marco targa – 12 january 2023 messy middle google has develope a new funnel concept. Less linear and more suite to describing the indecision. Steps and comparison paths that characterize the user’s buyer journey. This new model is calle messy middle. Just as the funnel has characterize marketing activities to date. The messy middle will have the same effect for years to come. How should companies behave to cope with this change. What actions should they implement to be present when the user expresses a nee. 

The characteristics of the Messy Middle

Carries out a search on google or is surfing the net . In the article we will try to provide answers to these questions. The characteristics of the messy middle messy new data middle the logic behind the messy middle is different than the other paradigms we are use to using within common digital marketing strategies. In traditional purchase funnels we move from upper phases of comparison and in-depth analysis. To lower phases. Which involve the actual purchase. With the messy middle this linearity is lost. The points of contact diversify and become increasingly chaotic and repeate. What happens between the first stimulus. 

The close link between Messy Middle and Multichannel

Calle .Trigger. (I.E. Triggering factor) and the actual purchase. Is not a uniform path but changes from person to person. Why does this logic better represent Mailing Lead the user’s purchasing journey. Let’s think about our behavior as buyers. To decide whether or not to purchase a certain product. The process is not linear. As represente by sales funnels. But is characterize by evaluation and exploration research that alternate with each other. To learn more about the topic. Read also. . Google’s messy middle revolutionizes sales funnel theories . The close link between messy middle and multichannel messy middle every day while browsing online we are inundate with communications and messages. 

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