SEO Basics: Discover the 9 Most Important SEO Tips for Beginners

Naturally, one of the big rules of thumb a savvy marketer knows to keep in mind with SEO these days is that search engines strongly favor longer content over shorter. 

But does that rule still apply when you’re talking about SEO for landing pages? Aren’t landing pages meant to be concise and to-the-point instead?

Although most high-ranking content is long, there’s actually no conclusive evidence that it ranks well because of its length.

It’s more likely to be the fact that it’s informative, well-researched, and packed with details that are truly useful to its visitors. 

Those things, in turn, lead to more shares, higher engagement rates, and more backlinks.

Complete Keyword Research

On the other hand, landing pages are less effective when they’re too long. 

So don’t obsess over the length of yours and err on the side of conciseness instead. If your content is well-optimized, helpful, and efficient, it stands an excellent chance of scoring a high SERP ranking

Whether you’re creating killer standalone telemarketing list pages, filling your blog with great ongoing content, or creating landing pages that get results, a solid SEO strategy is always the answer to smashing your goals. 

But no SEO strategy should stay the same forever. Market trends, algorithm updates, and changing consumer expectations make it crucial to revisit your strategy once in a while to ensure it’s still effective.

Check out our comprehensive maturity assessment to determine where your current strategy stands. 

You’ll learn what’s working

Among the best Content Marketing strategies, interaction on social media is one of the best when it comes to bringing results in the short and medium terms. 

With the right interactive content, you will be able to retain and delight users with thought-provoking and highly engaging content.

Some of the most popular formats Mailing Lead are quizzes and polls, but many other options of interactive posts for social media are valuable.

You just need to understand which ones work according to the audience and buyer persona definitions, adapting everything you need to make posts even more attractive and personalized.

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