They’re posts that go beyond the typical fare you scroll past daily on Facebook or Twitter.

Adding interactive posts for social media to your digital marketing strategy gives your company a way to reach consumers and help them remember your brand.

In return, consumers get fun,  experiences they’ll love.

This is quite priceless today, as social media is more than just a fun way for a small handful of people to stay in touch with friends or pass some extra time now and then.

Approximately 59 percent of the world’s people are on social media, making it a massive opportunity for marketers to reach an audience.

Develop Long-Form Content

An important aspect of this format is personalization, since, unlike static content, the user’s response dictates the direction that a specific post will take individually.

In other words: people will have a different experience  on their response or submitted interaction.

The format is  to improve brand reach in the online environment. This allows differentiation for companies that work closely with the corporate universe and prioritize unattractive content with the sole purpose of self-promotion or sales.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Interaction?

Disputing user attention on social media has become a complicated task. The platforms accumulate over 3.5 billion users worldwide, who connect with the most diverse profiles.

Its main benefits are

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The user has become “immune” to various types of advertising, but social networks still have a great power to enter the lives of your followers and gain valuable space in their daily lives.

This only happens, however, if the posts are thoroughly considered according to the public’s data.

There is no point in following shallow trends based on the chances of succeeding — when creating proposals that make sense with the brand scenario, make sure that a strategy will be executed as well as can be expected.

Interactive Posts for Social Media: 5 Ideas to Boost Engagement

After learning what social media interaction is and its main benefits, it is important to understand the best practical applications for the strategy.

Instagram already has a quiz feature. With it, it’s possible to ask questions or make a statement with up to four possible answers.

quiz example (Interactive posts for social media)

When editing the content, you choose the right answer and await your followers’ feedback.


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