YouTube Shorts are made with mobile users in mind and should be optimized for continual scrolling and replays. 

When your brand can get YouTube Shorts right, you’ll be able to stay competitive on YouTube as the platform develops and moves in new directions. 

YouTube Shorts are just one example of emerging video marketing trends that digital marketers and brand managers should be aware of. 

To learn more about what to expect out of video marketing, read our blog on video marketing trends. 

There you’ll learn the biggest trends for this year and beyond and get ideas on how to incorporate those trends into your digital marketing and video marketing brand strategies.

What Are the Causes of Marketing Myopia

Let’s take a look at the top three causes of marketing myopia.

#1. Losing Touch with Your Customers’ Needs and Desires

Why are you in business? Surely, to buy phone lists satisfy your customers’ needs and desires, correct? 

If so, then you don’t ever want to lose sight of them — or, even better, you want to try and anticipate them.

Ignoring or neglecting what your customers want or expect from your brand is one of the top causes of marketing myopia. 

Not listening to your customers’ suggestions, requests, or feedback and, as a consequence, not improving your products or services, will gradually cause your business to develop marketing myopia.


Not Only Better but Also Irreplaceable

So, as long as you are not selling something that caters to a very small and specific niche, you are always at risk of being overtaken by another company. 

Ignoring this possibility is a cause of marketing myopia.

#3. Focusing on Past Achievements While Ignoring Future Challenges and Opportunities

Yes, your business has been doing Mailing Lead great so far, but do you have a plan in place to secure success in the future, too? 

If you keep basking in your past glory without committing to doing even better next time, you can fall into the marketing myopia trap.

Being an innovator can be scary and challenging for businesses, but it is also an essential feature of all successful companies in the digital age.

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