Some suggestions and a proposal for powerpoint

An annual study collects impressions upon leaving conferences and presentations by asking which aspect annoys participants most during presentations: the ” annoying powerpoint survey ” is a fun document but also very enlightening for all those who are call upon to create . Review and present slides on a variety of topics. We offer you a summary. Some suggestions and a proposal for powerpoint and office courses in general with our professional teachers on the topic of powerpoint presentations (special thanks to our teacher gaspar torriero for the suggestions). 1) the presenter reads the slides 67% of those interview say they are annoy by presenters who read slides during a powerpoint presentation.


Long sentences do not reach

 The speaker who simply reads slides full of africa email list text loses eye contact with the audience . Who within a few seconds falls prey to deep sleep or dark desperation. 2) long whole sentences 51% of those interview stat that long entire sentences are not imm iately understandable and therefore distracting. The information density of a slide is low. This is a “fact of life” and there is no way around it. Long sentences do not reach the audience. Who are annoy . 3) the text is so small that it cannot be read we could have written this title small to make you experience what it means to not be able to read it.


Almost half of the readers

 But we would have lost… Almost half of the Mailing Lead readers: in fact. 49% of those interview declar that the greatest annoyance during a presentation is caus by text that is too small. Which is therefore difficult to read. It is useless to show illegible text . Point. It is better to use print sheets or digital documentation to be distribut to the public imm iately or at a later time. 4) visuals too complicat graphs with thirty-five indicators or with seventeen colors are difficult to listen to.


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