An incomprehensible graph reveals concepts that are not very synthetic and therefore difficult to assimilate. Complexity. While being an important principle not to be underestimat and while reflecting the real world. Must be present in an adequate and understandable way. Otherwise it drives people away from your goal. 5) moving images and useless sounds ti with 24% and 22% respectively. Two aspects that you have often convinc yourself you find interesting are perceiv negatively : the insertion of texts or images with animations and movements and sound effects link to some action of the presentation .

Powerpoint slides should support

 Moving text slows down reading and therefore bores the audience. Everything that has europe email list nothing to do with it is distracting. 6) unprepar presentations the audience said they were generally annoy by visibly unprepar presenters. When the speaker doesn’t even think about the structure of the presentation and simply copies and pastes the text of a written report by spreading it over a series of slides. You can tell a mile. Even if he tri to embellish them with powerpoint themes. Powerpoint slides should support the message. Not replace the presenter or a detail brochure.


To give context to the audience's

 Presenters should connect with the audience Mailing Lead instead of hiding behind slides. 7) “unbalanc ” slides too much text? Too much graphics? Too much multim ia? You ne to find the balance of elements so that the presentation can flow smoothly. Extremes don’t work well. A balanc approach is ne : the text. To give context to the audience’s understanding of what the presenter will talk about next graphics and multim ia. To add flavor to the text 8) clumsy use of technology anyone who is not familiar should not present with powerpoint! Better to get help from a capable person.


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