Rather than make a fool of yourself. If you plan to use technology during a presentation. Make sure you are able to set it up and manage it well. Start your report imm iately by giving at least the impression of being professional and moving smoothly between slides and programs. The clumsy use of powerpoint and presentation technology is cit several times as an element that takes away attention from the message and impoverishes it. 9) no signal this point ne s no comment. Try to avoid it! Microsoft office courses on power point in espero synthesize and visualize notice the difference.


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 Before simplification. After simplification: microsoft office courses asia email list on power point in espero focus the lens: the rest is background microsoft office courses on power point in espero kawasaki’s “10/20/30” model and other tips guy kawasaki ‘s “10/20/30” model features: 10 slides 20 minutes 30 character points minimum for texts the model has been reviv several times. Including a 2005 event d icat to choosing valid startups with innovative and feasible ideas. Each startup had a 60-minute slot available to present the company and solicit investment. But the 60 minutes were often r uc to 40.


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 And it was also necessary to reserve time for the Mailing Lead most important part of the meeting. I.e. The discussion between the set off. The presentation time was therefore drastically r uc to 30 minutes. Thus applying the kawasaki scheme. Some other advice: organize your ideas first. Then use powerpoint if a slide is not essential. Remove it rehearse the presentation several times before the event do an inspection of the room and test the technology here are some courses also available in the virtual classroom that can help you with this in-depth study on effective communication.


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