Source of Strength To Face Every Challenge In Life

Taqwa is the main concept in Islamic teachings.

This situation allows a person to see his life differently and not be swayed by the desires of this world.

Piety is the main source of blessings and internal motivation because it provides a solid foundation for our values ​​and principles that have been commanded by Allah and His Messenger.

— No matter how we are tested, piety is what will keep us on the straight path.

It is a form of discipline that we form from within using our mind, heart, and soul to help us remain consistent with our actions and words.

Self-motivation will increase with increasing piety.

It is defined as always being aware of the presence of God and his attributes

And a place free from distractions so they can focus on their tasks.

Here are the three most important Latest Mailing Database reasons how homework can help students succeed:

1. Forming Discipline and Study Skills
Homework doesn’t just make children learn.

But it also teaches “how” to learn.

In real life, we cannot learn everything in a classroom setting.

We need to learn by ourselves how to study wisely, and homework will force us to do it.

Completing homework assignments also teaches students effective time and task management.

It helps them set and meet goals, take initiative and bear personal responsibility, and develop the discipline to do work independently.

Group learning is also important, but we cannot ignore the need for

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Homework content is usually designed in a way that Mailing Lead summarizes all the features of learning in class.

This is because when we become more pious, the more energy we will build in our personality and character.

It allows us to make sane decisions that allow us to achieve success, even if it may cause problems for ourselves in the short term.

This is evident in the story of Prophet Yusof as Piety encouraged him to reject the temptation of his master’s wife, which led to his imprisonment.

Finally, piety ‘made’ Yusof as the treasurer of the Egyptian state.

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