Teleconsultation and telemonitoring are activities

That are gaining more and more space among doctors and patients. This is due to technological advances and the need to promote specialized care to people who do not have a variety of doctors in their city. But do you know what teleconsultation and telemonitoring mean? They are part of the so-called telemedicine, which consists of offering medical services at a distance. Regularized by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), through CFM Resolution it gained a new level with the advance of COVID-19. After all, the demand for help is constantly growing and the less physical contact patients have with others, the lower the risks of contagion. In this scenario, Resolution nº 516 came into force , which highlighted the importance of making teleconsultation and telemonitoring available to the general population.

But after all, what is teleconsultation

And telemonitoring and why are they so important to ensure the health and well-being of patients? In this article, I will further explain these concepts and show what changed after Resolution #516. In addition, I will address more aspects of telemedicine and how it is strengthening the role of doctors in Brazil. What is teleconsultation and Georgia Mobile Number List telemonitoring? Teleconsultation consists of a medical consultation offered at a distance , eliminating the need for physical proximity. It can be done in 2 main ways: Among doctors, when a general practitioner requests guidance or assistance from a specialist to promote the diagnosis or indicate the best treatment, for example; Between doctor and patient, in which the patient directly seeks the assistance of a specialist to obtain a diagnosis or clarify doubts.

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Telemonitoring in health is the process

carried out continuously, with the aim of monitoring the health conditions of the individual. It has 3 main stages: Data collection, done , clinical evaluation, laboratory or diagnostic tests; Analysis of the data, which are interpreted to obtain a Mailing Lead conclusion or hypotheses; Decision-making, indicating the problem and the solutions to be adopted. This follow-up is especially important in cases of patients with chronic diseases or who have major health risks. I will cover this subject in a specific topic later in the content! What are the benefits of teleconsultation and telemonitoring? Benefits of teleconsultation and telemonitoring Security, agility and accuracy are some of the advantages of teleconsultation and telemonitoring The benefits of teleconsultation are diverse.

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