Standards on teleconsultation and CFM, as this is one of the major trends when it comes to clinical care. Regulated at the end of 2018 by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), it consists of offering medical consultations to patients remotely. This modality has become even more popular in recent times, especially because of COVID-19. Brazilian doctors were authorized by the CFM to perform not only teleconsultations, but also telesurgeries and – among other forms of distance care. For this, the CFM created a specific resolution, which will last as long as the pandemic persists. With this, patients do not need to leave their homes to receive a specialized diagnosis.

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The number of people belonging to the risk group. In this content, I will show what the CFM determines in relation to teleconsultation. I will address the rules established in Resolution No. 2,227/18 and Ordinance No. 1,643/2002, highlighting Greece Mobile Number List the changes made in 2020 due to the advance of the Coronavirus. I will also talk about teleconsultation itself, how it works, its benefits and what resources doctors and patients need to put it into practice. In addition, you will learn a little more about my clinic, , considered by all to be a reference in the subject. Good reading! Which CFM standard applies to telemedicine and teleconsultation? Online consultations became legally accepted after the publication of CFM Resolution No.

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It was established after long debates

Between specialists, based on ethical, technical and legal parameters of the profession. Through it, the term telemedicine was define. According to article 1, it is “the practice of medicine mediate by technologies for the purposes Mailing Lead of assistance, education, research, prevention of diseases and injuries and health promotion ”. Teleconsultation was also clarified in article 4 of the CFM resolution. Its definition is that of “ remote medical consultation, mediated by technology, with doctor and patient located in different geographic spaces ”. The law has as a premise, in this case, that the prior establishment of a face-to-face relationship between doctor and patient is mandatory. If this is not possible, the consultation can be virtual. As long as the person is closely monitored by a health agent.

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