The adoption of telehealth actions has

Become popular in Brazil and in several other countries. This makes perfect sense when we look at benefits such as support for diagnosis in remote regions of the country, increased patient access to specialists and health The adoption of education. In this article, I explain in detail what a telehealth platform is and how it works , its history, objectives and advantages. I also show an overview of the use of telemedicine in Brazil , which has made a remarkable contribution to the detection and monitoring of diseases, injuries and other medical conditions. Follow until the end.

Telehealth is a system for providing

Health services at a distance , carried out with the help of information and communication technologies (ICTs). According to the specialist in the area and author of the book “Telehealth in Brazil — Concepts and Applications”, Baptista Silva, it is a new Jordan Mobile Number List way of thinking about health processes , breaking the barrier of distance from the use of ICTs . Considering this concept, telehealth is a very comprehensive and structured field. It is made up of subareas such as health or health tele-education, research and tele-epidemiology networks, health administration and management networks . It also includes telemedicine , a segment that uses the internet, structured platforms and image, audio and video technologies to expand the offer of services, such as remote medical reports and second opinion from specialists.

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Telehealth began to gain momentum

In the country from a national program for qualifying primary health care and attention, called . I talk more about this initiative in the next topics. For now, it is worth mentioning that this area covers all activities that performed Mailing Lead remotely, such as: Teleconsultation Teleconsulting Health education. That is, it is an activity that encompasses the exchange of information between health professionals to obtain a second opinion . Training  preparation of reports and monitoring of health status among other activities. Therefore, it serves to expand access to health . Since it starts to be practiced remotely. Without prejudice to the type of service performe.

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