With greater access to healthcare, but go far beyond that. After all, this is a reality that you come to understand as you get to know details of the technology involved and the process itself. In this sense, the most interesting thing is that the gains are not limited to clinics, hospitals and offices that contract this type of service. Even patients, when they need to undergo certain tests, benefit from the possibilities offered by telemedicine companies in Brazil. It is to present all the benefits of telemedicine that I created this article. So, if you are interested in the topic, I recommend that you read until the end! From now on, I will explain what telemedicine is and how a telemedicine portal works.

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Advantages, in addition to revealing how Telemedicine adds even more reasons for you to adhere to this technology. Get to know this service model and the advantages of Telemedicine Telemedicine allows quality care to reach remote regions of Jamaica Mobile Number List the country. What is Telemedicine? It is a modality of care in which the doctor and the patient are in different places, and communication is carrie out entirely over the internet, online and remotely. Telemedicine is essential to promote urgent care, as it is carrie out with a date and time. It also ensures that people who live in remote areas or far from large centers have access to a specialist.

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How does Telemedicine work

Telemedicine works from a system formed by different actors. It all starts with digital equipment, capable of capturing and sending images collected during medical examinations directly to the computer. Depending on the Mailing Lead procedure, software comes into play to convert the information into a format that  manipulated by the doctor who will interpret the results . Afterwards these images are available on a telemedicine platform. Which is nothing more than an online area that can be accesse by any device connecte to the internet – but only through its own login and password.

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