The exercise test report is a common

Demand in clinics and hospitals. Also known as an exercise test , it is an exam that checks how the patient’s cardiovascular system is doing when subjected to greater demand. And, because it is such an important exam, which evaluates numerous variables, its report must be signed by cardiologists . If you want to know more about the exercise test, what it is used for and how your report is issued in distance format, you are in the right place. Continue reading the article and discover all the information you need about exercise testing.

What is an exercise test report

The ergometric test report is the document that presents the conclusions regarding the exam. The so-called stress test is performed with the aim of obtaining information about how the patient’s heart works during physical activity. That’s because, when performing it, the heart starts beating stronger and faster than usual and this exam can Malta Mobile Number List reveal heart problems that appear only during effort. That is, it identifies possible abnormalities that would not be detecte or diagnose at rest. Therefore, during the test, the patient’s electrocardiogram and blood pressure are recorde , as well as observation of the behavior of his heart rate. Therefore, it is an essential test for the identification and diagnosis of arrhythmias, myocardial ischemia, abnormal changes in blood pressure , among other clinical conditions.

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Why perform an exercise test

As we have seen so far. The main objective of the exercise test is to assess the health of the patient’s cardiovascular system. That is, it evaluates the functioning of the heart when subjected to greater effort. It is a test that analyzes how the Mailing Lead cardiorespiratory functional capacity is. And can detect arrhythmias and abnormalities in blood pressure and myocardial ischemia. It also assesses the appearance of murmurs. Signs of left ventricular failure and even allows the functional assessment of known heart disease.  Stress testing is performe for the observation and analysis of symptoms of heart disease.

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