Of the electrodes on the body, it became possible to draw the electrical activity of our heart. Over the years, the industry perfected this device With its use and it was then that the electrocardiogram appeared . Today, it has gone from the analogue era, when electrical activity was recorde  on paper, to the current model, which is completely digital. How History Evolve with Types of EKG Devices With more than a century of history, the electrocardiogram is known for being the equipment capable of measuring cardiac electrical activity. And this happens when using an electrocardiograph to measure the beats through a graph that displays its intensity in a continuous line.

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Of cardiologists to detect heart problems  or other cardiovascular pathologies. It has several types that perform the screening of diseases related to the cardiovascular system. Also known as ECG, or EKG – “”, as it is more commonly said in Macedonia Mobile Number List German -, it was create by , a medical student at the However, University of Medicine in the Netherlands, a native of the island of Java. Although other scientists are  recognize for the development of techniques and equipment that also had the function of diagnosing cardiovascular diseases, Einthoven is considere to be its creator. develope the electrocardiogram device through a more sensitive and direct system. He made it possible to identify a patient’s heart strain by inventing a device called a rope galvanometer.

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However, The renowne five deflections that are shown on the medical report through tracings. Each line is identifie by a letter (P, Q, R, S and T) and they became the official identification use until today. What is an ideal electrocardiogram device? To Mailing Lead choose an ideal electrocardiogram device. It is not enough to be equipment that evaluates heart activity and is registere with Anvisa – which is basic. There are several analog devices on the market, in addition to the most varied models of digital ECG . Faced with this diversity of options. The first step is to discard the analogue ones and choose the best among the digital ones.

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