Of medical information safely and quickly, being one of the main tools of telemedicine . Thanks to this system, clinics, offices and hospitals across the country can structure and expand their coverage, taking several exams to small towns and even remote locations. Thus, there is a saving of time and expenses with the displacement of specialist doctors and patients. In this article, I present the history, explain how it works and show which specialties can benefit and how the reports center can increase revenue in your health unit. What is a reporting center? Reporting Center is a type of electronic health record system.

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Retrieve and manipulate health information. This means that the reports center complies with the safety and quality requirements standardized by the Brazilian Society of Health Informatics, keeping patient data in an electronically Luxembourg Mobile Number List processable manner. Also called a telemedicine platform , the center allows access, research, communication and cloud storage of the entire patient record , including: Online reports Medical prescription Records of exams and consultations. Thus, the digital files can be located easily in the future, with just a few clicks for the system to carry out searches and cross data to support the diagnosis and choose the best treatment.

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What is a report center used for

The reports center serves to optimize the delivery of complementary exam results . The system connects local teams from the health services to the team of specialists from the telemedicine company . Allowing the interpretation of the exams to be delegated Mailing Lead to them. In other words. The reports center enables communication between these professionals by enabling actions for transmission. Sharing and storage of digital files in the cloud. In this scenario, the cloud telemedicine software compiles and organizes the documents, keeping them accessible in a few clicks. In addition to ensuring the exchange of health information quickly and safely, it is essential for the provision of services .

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