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Currently, employees can freely express themselves online (even anonymously) about the atmosphere in the company. Information about absolute layoffs and the “rat race” will finally get out. In extreme cases, corporate public relations suffer . Regular evaluation of employees only on the basis of the latest achievements, and then dismissing the “worst ones”, is quite difficult to reconcile with the company’s responsible social policy (what about an employee who is pregnant or ill?. There is also no place for a family atmosphere in this model.

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We should also mention the costs of continuous recruitment, which must be repeate, as the turnover of employees in a stressful and demanding workplace is high. We recommend Individual development plan: it is worth supporting the employee’s development. It is worth recalling the case of a certain discount store operating in Poland. At the phone number list beginning, he focuse on maximum efficiency, high turnover and lack of sentiment when hiring female employees. Finally, there was an image crisis , after which the largest newspapers wrote about poor employment conditions. As a result, no one wante to work in this network. Today the situation has reverse.

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The employer, seeing that the market is changing in favor of the employee, offers a salary higher than the competition and numerous facilitations – for students or parents. This shows that the sieve model in a market where there are rules of the Mailing Lead game impose by the employee can be difficult to implement. Is the sieve model always beneficial for the company? Acting in accordance with the sieve model is an opportunity to attract outstanding employees who can contribute a lot to the company. Thanks to their outstanding skills, they can significantly contribute to the development of the company, raise its position on the market, and even help it become a leader in the industry.

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