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Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Search for synonyms – agritourism, Be & Breakfast, rooms for rent, accommodation, SPA with overnight stay, glamping, etc. Highlight the location – hotel by the lake, accommodation by the A4 road, agritourism with a stud farm, accommodation by the Wieprz River, herbal SPA in the forest, etc. Think about what customers want – slow food in Karpacz, a hotel with vegan dinners near Szczyrk, a cyclist-friendly hotel on the Green Velo trail, etc. add “that something” – a hotel with a lavender plantation, a hotel with its own brewery, a hotel like from.

Advantage Of Support In The Field

The Lord of the Rings”, a hotel with a haunte house, a hotel with a rose garden, etc. Only when you know your own capabilities, customer expectations and the potential of the area well, you can plan a Google Ads campaign , take care of SEO and database use the magic of hashtags in social meia. Of course, with all this, declarations on the Internet must coincide with reality ! But sometimes it turns out to be very simple. For example, if one of your staff actually has a yoga instructor certificate and can give lessons on request, it is worth promoting yourself as: yoga by the lake in Masuria.


Branding Marketing Strategy Or Sales

A hotel with yoga classes, a hotel in the veg, slow, eco style, etc. How to evaluate the effectiveness of a hotel advertising campaign? You’ve probably Mailing Lead notice on the websites of booking portals that they often ask you to refer to a given website when booking a hotel. The assumption is to convince the owner of the place that the hotel’s advertising campaign is effective. Once you have implemente the above actions, you can similarly ask your guests how they found out about the hotel. Do an online survey. Add a question when booking, or just casually ask when guests check in.

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