You will also  to consider which tactics can complement or benefit your inbound marketing strategy.

Here are 12 direct marketing examples to consider.


When strategically used, telemarketing can help you find prospects and also serve as a strategy for following up on your marketing campaigns.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the more effective direct marketing tactics your brand can use, and it’s easy to measure.

Design promotional emails or include an ad or product mention in an email you already send to a wide list, such as newsletters and business emails.

Email marketing

With a high percentage of consumers utilizing mobile devices these days, it’s no wonder that text (SMS) marketing can be efficient.

Essentially, you send your promotional business phone list material directly to consumers’ mobile devices, informing them of your best deals.

SMS marketing allows for fast delivery to customers and is simple to personalize and automate.

4. Leaflet marketing using letterbox drops and handouts

Crafting attention-grabbing leaflets and distributing them via letterbox drops or as handouts remain a proven way to market your products or services.

This direct marketing tactic is simple and inexpensive, and particularly beneficial for local businesses with products that appeal to a wider audience.

Social media marketing

Phone Number List

Social media provides opportunities for a dual strategy of inbound marketing and direct marketing.

For direct marketing, you can include efforts that promote a particular product, service, big sale, or discount.

You can also obtain direct feedback concerning your offerings with comments, shares, and likes.

Direct selling involves the use of postcards, catalogs, and Mailing Lead envelope mailers, which in some way promote your brand, product, or service.

These are  directly to customers and potential customers.

7. Online adverts

Online advertising today provides you with distinct ways to promote your products  or the various social media platforms.

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