These days, Google is more than a neat resource to have in your back pocket, just in case.

It’s an essential part of how people live their lives and make everyday decisions.

In other words, your next round of potential clients doesn’t just use Google to look up odd facts about animals or find out how old their favorite actress is. 

They’ll also be using it to evaluate their options the next time they need a lawyer. And if Google doesn’t serve up your website as a possible solution to their problem, they’ll hire someone else.

Here’s What You Need to Know About

It accomplishes this by using a complex algorithm to evaluate the billions of web pages out there and return a list of suggestions.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the marketing practice of making sure a website is not only indexed by search engines like Google but ranking well enough in relevant searches to drive traffic. 

SEO for lawyers, in particular, is SEO free telemarketing leads conducted with the unique needs of attorneys and their clients in mind. 

Standard focuses include keyword research, citation building, and content development

Why is Law Firm SEO Important?

This year, there are three routes people typically go when they’re looking to hire an attorney. 

If they know people who’ve already secured legal sources for similar reasons, they might ask around for word-of-mouth recommendations. 

What are the Best SEO Keywords for Lawyers

Direct marketing can reconnect you with previous customers who haven’t made a purchase or interacted with your brand in months or even years.

Include messages that show you Mailing Lead have missed them and still value them as customers. Provide a special offer to invite them back and work towards re-establishing the relationship.

12 Direct Marketing Examples

There are various tactical approaches you can take when it comes to implementing direct marketing for your brand. 

The ones you go with will depend on your business needs, targeted audiences, brand messaging, the goals you are trying to accomplish, and your budget. 

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