The spokesperson behind an authority testimonial may be a celebrity, social media influencer, or other known personality within your chosen niche.

Although the production process for authority testimonials can be expensive, especially when it comes to securing the right spokesperson, they can also be highly effective when done well.

Blog Post Testimonials

Particularly compelling testimonials can also make incredible blog posts. 

They give you the unique opportunity to dig deeply into a customer’s personal story and tell it from your own perspective to let your audience get to know your company a bit better. 


Press Testimonials

Another great way to raise the trust factor attached to your brand is to get it featured by respected news sources. 

Press testimonials aren’t easy to obtain, but they’re highly effective, as they potentially expose your brand to many millions of consumers who might be telephone list biz interested in what you sell.

This type of testimonial is also a must-add to an ongoing testimonial page, as they’re highly convincing, even for people who have never heard of your brand before.

How to Write a Compelling Testimonial

Whether you choose just one of the above formats or a combination of several of them for your testimonial page, it’s essential to have an intelligent approach to the process. 

Here are some standard best practices for crafting compelling, authentic-feeling testimonials that really resonate with your audience.

Preserve your customer’s original tone

The genuine human voice behind a testimonial is what makes it so compelling and convincing, especially for customers who have no previous experience with your brand.

That said, you’ll want to preserve that to the greatest extent possible.

While editing testimonials for lengthiness Mailing Lead and readability is OK, keeping your customer’s general tone and word choices is essential.

This helps keep the content from seeming too formal, contrived, or technical. Remember, the idea is to connect with your audience, and no one will do a better job of that than the real customer behind your testimonial.

5 Incredible Testimonial Page Examples to Inspire Conversions

Now that you know a bit about what makes a testimonial effective, it’s time to take a look at what makes a particular testimonial page compelling. 

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