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Testimonials differ from consumer reviews in that reviews are typically written by the customer in an  format.

In contrast, testimonials are usually written by the business itself  on a customer’s answers to specific interview questions, before-and-after case studies, and similar resources.

Types of Testimonials

Testimonials can take many different forms, and there are just as many ways you can use a well testimonial page to showcase yours.

Which is the right fit for your company depends on who your target audience is and what effect you want your testimonial page to have on them. Underneath, a variety of testimonials, reports, and case studies are presented for the visitor’s perusal. Like Hootsuite lets you apply a helpful filter to zero in on the exact category and industry you’re looking for.
Of course, these are just a few of the many successful testimonial page examples you’ll see from top companies online, but you can no doubt see the common threads between them.

Quote Testimonials

When most people picture a typical testimonial, a simple quote is the most likely type to come to mind.

The quote can be as simple as a sentence endorsing a product’s effectiveness or as complex as a story that details how the person behind it  from that product.

Quote testimonials are often phone lists for sale by a photograph of the person behind the words to make them seem more authentic and relatable.

Audio Testimonials

Audio testimonials help personalize the idea behind an endorser’s words by adding the human element of a voice to the mix.

Hootsuite’s testimonial page
You know Hootsuite best for its dedication to social media management.

Still, it just so happens to have a great approach to a classic testimonial page, as well — simple, functional, and informative.

For example, successful testimonial pages are visually striking while remaining organized and professional-looking.

Video Testimonials

Phone Number List

The rise of smartphones and mobile technology has made it easier than ever to consume and create compelling video content, so it’s understandable that video testimonials are hot, as well.

Video testimonials combine the power of engaging audio, compelling visuals, and solid storytelling to connect with an audience.

They’re also easy to share and fun Mailing Lead to watch, making them a big hit with consumers.

Another advantage of choosing video for your testimonial content is it has the potential to go viral and get everyone talking about your brand or product virtually overnight.
It’s a powerful tool for convincing potential customers that the software company can work the same magic for their companies, too, especially since their services represent an investment. Sign up now to get 14 days of free access to our network of expert writers, discover the power.

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