Google Alerts is one of the oldest but still best systems for tracking new content. 

By setting up an alert for specific keywords or phrases, you can track new content and get email notifications for when content is published that matches your alerts. It also can help you track mentions of your brand.

 has both a free and a premium paid version of their app, which means that you can decide if you want extra features like pre-viral content searching and multiple language tracking. 

 also lets you see recent posts at the top of your results page, making content curation move much quicker.

 is a great simple tool for those who don’t need many complicated features for content curation. 

It’s Free to Use and Focuses

Content curation can be a lifesaver for brands who need to find inspiring and educational content to fill their social media feeds. 

By mixing curated content with your own original content, you are able to establish your brand as more than a sales machine and instead put the company forward as an industry leader and reliable source of information. 

Understanding what is curated content is just part of having a well-rounded and successful content marketing strategy. 

In order to see exactly where your content strategy stacks up, try taking our content maturity assessment. 

Ranking for Keywords So Your Audience

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However, an even more important measurement of success is how much of your content is actually converting.

For this, you’ll need to concentrate on your readers first.

Start by taking a step back and examining your content marketing strategy, then consider the following foolproof ways to create more content that converts.

1. Determine Which Content is Working and Which Isn’t

2. Make Your Website More User-Friendly

3. Evaluate Your Headline

4. Include Interactive Elements in Your Content

5. Compose Content with More Personality

6. Incorporate Emotion

7. Increase Your Persuasive Writing Skills

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