Administration and when each one is recommended is a very important task. This is because the correct administration of medication promotes better patient care, causing less damage to their health and, above all, ensuring their well-being. Knowing the main This task is the responsibility of nurses, who must also strictly follow the ethical, technical and humanistic precepts that involve the preparation and administration of medications. It is up to them to report any non-compliance with the medical prescription – whether in terms of dosage or even validity of the document.

This requires increased attention

Since errors in medication administration can have serious consequences for the patient – ​​from severe side effects to death. In this content, my objective is to clarify the main points related to the administration of medication by Cyprus Mobile Number List nursing professionals. Therefore, I will show the main routes of drug administration and a step by step to perform this task properly. In addition, I will discuss what the law determines regarding the performance of this activity at a distance – considered one of the great trends, due to the advance of telemedicine in Brazil and, especially, in the world. What does the law say about remote drug administration routes? With the advancement of telehealth and telemedicine services in Brazil.

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The Federal Nursing Council understood

That it was necessary to create clear rules to guarantee care in the administration of medicines remotely. Therefore, Resolution nº 487/2015 was created. Which specifically addresses the prescriptions. Made by doctors in Mailing Lead telehealth care and the way in which nurses should proceed. When receiving the medical prescription at a distance, the professional must prepare a detailed report. Where the adopted conducts must be arranged. As well as the patient’s response to them. As for the prescription, it can only be execute if it is within the validity period.

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