Of course, where your content ranks on a SERP does matter. If your competing results are both ranking highly, you’re probably not losing too much traffic. But if they’re way down on the list, cannibalization is likely part of the reason why.

Keyword cannibalization confuses both your readers and search engines. 

This can seriously impede your chances of ranking high on search engine results pages and increase your visibility and authority on Google.

 There are some other factors of keyword cannibalization that are an issue, so let’s talk about some of those now.

Diminishing Authority on Your Pages

The authority of your pages is the reputation they have with search engines. You want your most authoritative pages to rank the highest because they are the ones most likely to result in higher click-through rates and conversions.


Ecommerce vs M-Commerce

Let’s look at a few of these key ways you can learn how to avoid keyword cannibalization and create an SEO strategy that works now and in the future. 

When you know how to avoid call lists keyword cannibalization, you can create a more effective strategy for the future.

The first step to avoiding keyword cannibalization is to identify when it is occurring. 

Different online and SEO tools can help you learn when you have different pages ranking for the same keywords and phrases. 

You can also use Google searches to help you determine which of your pages are ranking for what.


Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO technique that involves shoving a keyword onto a page as many times as possible to trick search engines into thinking that the page is more relevant. 

While this is a bad practice all around, it can Mailing Lead also lead to keyword cannibalization if you stuff multiple keywords on different pages.

3. Determine What Pages Matter Most

If you have multiple pages that are ranked for the same keyword, you’ll need to take a look at them and see which page matters the most for your needs. 

Sometimes it is easy to tell which page is more relevant, but other times you’ll want to think about the goal of each page more carefully.


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