Changing the scenario of the health segment, with telepresence being one of the most significant innovations. In the so-called telemedicine, which consists of remote medical care, there are a series of tools and resources that allow the consultation to be effective and safe. In addition to telemedicine platforms, which have solutions such as electronic medical records , videoconferencing and online reports , it is possible to benefit from telepresence. Although many know it as telepresence robots , its concept revolves around the quick exchange of files and information remotely, allowing for quick diagnoses.

If for patients all this innovation is

Important because it breaks down geographic barriers , guaranteeing specialized care at any time and in any place, for health professionals the benefits are different. In addition to increasing your daily service capacity, telepresence optimizes costs and makes work more and more consistent , since it is possible to talk to other professionals around the Colombia Mobile Number List world through the computer. In this article, I will explain what telepresence is, its main advantages and what structure is needed to put it into practice. I will show the difference between telepresence and videoconferencing and examples of robots that allow the practice of telemedicine to become increasingly established in Brazil and worldwide.

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Telepresence began to take shape

Due to the significant advancement of technology, especially after the popularization of the internet in the mid-1990s. However, it was only in 1995, with the emergence of web 2.0, that communication gained new interactivity elements , paving Mailing Lead the way for online conversations. Using high-resolution cameras and microphones and taking advantage of cloud computing , which allows for the exchange and archiving of information, professionals began to meet in real time, without the need to travel. Thus arriving at the concept of telepresence, which is to allow individuals to talk in the same virtual environment and hold meetings as if they were face to face.

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