Expanded the use of telemedicine while the crisis caused by the coronavirus lasts, expanding access to this type of remote care. But what is pediatric teleconsultation? This is a remote consultation with children of different ages. This service means that they do not have to expose themselves in hospitals and clinics , as well as guaranteeing an accurate and quick diagnosis. For the practice of pediatric teleconsultation, the health professional must have a telemedicine platform , which allows video calls and recording of the collected information. The patient only needs to have an internet access device, as well as follow some steps that I will explain in this content.

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More about pediatric teleconsultation , its importance, what the law addresses on the subject. See also how simple and efficient it is to perform this type of service. What is pediatric teleconsultation? It is a segment of telemedicine that aims to Costa Rica Mobile Number List offer remote care to babies and children. Generally, parents seek pediatric teleconsultation to clarify some specific doubts or obtain general guidance on hygiene, vaccines or nutrition, for example. Ideally, it should not completely replace face-to-face care, as it is very important for promoting your healthy development. However, amid the pandemic, pediatric telemedicine has become an efficient and safe solution to ensure that doubts are clarified and that the child will remain healthy.

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Considered simple , such as: Mild cough; Earache; Runny nose and sneezing; Diarrhea. Even for complaints that do not have a single cause, the health professional asks questions that can help him to obtain a more accurate diagnosis, thus Mailing Lead indicating the most appropriate actions to be taken. What does the law say about pediatric teleconsultation? Although there are no specific rules for pediatric teleconsultation, there are rules that define the segment as a whole – which ends up impacting this performance as well. Regarding telemedicine, the first law created was nº 1.643/02 , which defined the modality and disciplined the provision of services through the use of technology.

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