So How Do You Set Up A Successful Ad

Is paid advertising worth it? In a saturated market – yes! But only if you have the right strategy.

Increasing product exposure will help build an audience – a very important factor in attracting consumers in a busy industry.

Buyers prefer to buy online because it is convenient. And as we all know, browsing in the market can be time consuming because there are so many choices available.

As mentioned earlier, positioning your products in strategic places within the market not only brings in huge traffic but also helps buyers find your products quickly.

Invest in paid advertising on-site

For Shopee, there are 4 types of ads on the platform available

Product Search Ads – this pushes your product to the top of the search results page
Store Search Ads – these display your shop at the top of the search results page
Discovery Ads – this positions your product in key recommendation sections, such as the Shopee homepage
Increase Ads – It displays your product phone number list in several high traffic areas at once.

For Lazada, available paid advertising is Sponsored Search, a keyword-targeted solution that allows sellers to promote their products. However, Sponsored Search is only available to those who have product listings in one or more available categories.

Split testing or AB testing is a method

phone number list

where you have two (or more) versions of your listing.

Shoppers will see one of the variations at random, meaning half of them will experience variation A while the other half will see variation B.

After testing, you can see the best version converting to higher sales.

The SD Separation Testing tool is easy Mailing Lead to use so you don’t need to be an excel wizard. Most importantly, because it’s automated, you don’t have to manually update your listings every day.

You can now focus more time and energy on other marketing tasks.


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